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Staffing Strategy & Recruitment Agency

Specializing in Technology, Corporate & Finance.

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About Grace & Co.

Where US Technology, SaaS and ReInsurance Companies Find Their Mid-Level to Executive: Technology, Corporate and Finance Teams.

Grace & Company is a top-notch staffing strategy and recruitment agency founded in 2018 with a team of 10 people made up of recruiters, administratives, sourcers, and interviewers. We are expert vetted top 1% rated on Linkedin and Upwork for start-ups to enterprise-level companies to write or improve their recruitment processes and find their hires.  We help companies find their A Players.


We are full-process recruiters, so we can own the hiring process from start to finishEverything from job requisition to hire. As a team we have close to 5 years together and 70 years of combined experience with hundreds of roles placed at a 98% hire rate. We are known for our quick fill rates, turning around roles in around 4-6 weeks, not including notice period.


Quality is a top priority, we don't just minimally screen candidates and pass them along, we take them through a rigorous process of multiple rounds of interviews, where we test them for skillset, culture, and personality.



We help ReInsurance, Finance and High-Tech & SaaS companies find talent to fill their openings and scale their business.

There are three main areas we help tech saas, finance, and reinsurance companies with recruitment.

1. Consulting
2. Sourcing

3. Recruiting

Recruiting & Sourcing Consulting

+ help executive teams build out plans for 6 to 12 or even up to 18 month budgeting plans and runway on hiring

+ identify what roles are needed in what departments

+ build recruitment strategy and processes that fits the various verticals & teams to attract the talent you need.


Professional Woman


+ Intake call to discover nonnegotiables, company, and search parameters

+ calibrate & align in batches of 20 until 95% sourcing success rate is achieved 

+ once calibrated, expand sourcing to find 150-300+ candidates

+ organized sheet of talent with contact lookup

+ LI projects 

+ 10-15 hrs min per role, 10-15 candidates per hr

Corporate & Finance Roles
(1) $45/hr

(2+) $50/hr

Tech Roles

(1) $55/hr

(2+) $60/hr


Executive Roles


Business Team


+ all sourcing components

+ reach outs in LI connects, messaging & drip email campaigns

+ screening/interviewing

+ candidate submission

+ testing: psych, personality, EQ, tech

+ role management


+ 1-2 roles (20-25hrs min per role) $60/hr

+ multiple recruitment staff with recruitment manager, 50+ hrs per week

Corporate & Finance Roles
(1) $60/hr
(2+) $65/hr


Tech Roles
(1) $70
(2+) $75/hr


Executive Roles



Recruitment Process

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Client Intake

Dig deeper into the role/s outside the job description to understand the company and the role, discuss process, and agree on some search parameters.


Start sourcing, calibrate & align to 95% sourcing success rate in batches of 20. Once calibrated, expand sourcing, efforts fully within designed targets.

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Reach Outs

Fully automated 4-step drip campaign via email that we run on an every other day sequence 2-3 times over, LinkedIn messaging/inmails, LinkedIn connections, SMS and other social platforms.

Screening Interview

Scheduled via Calendly and done via Zoom, with an AI transcription software to make sure no information gets lost.

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Candidate Submission

Submit the candidate resume, comprehensive interview write-up and LinkedIn profile. Q&A transcription available if wanted also.


Psych, Personality, EQ, Tech Testing. A comprehensive suite of tests based on your culture and intake call where we ask a series of questions and assess anyone of these things to a combo to all to determine will they be the right fit long term for your specific company, culture, team and role. DISC certified.

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Role Management

Checking and guidance, play the middle person between candidates and hiring manager, coordinating/scheduling interviews, keep a hand on the pulse with hiring manager and candidates, checking in and gauging with candidates, push candidates along in the process.


Great talent makes great companies.


Software Engineers and Developers, Data Engineers, Machine Learning, QA, Test and Automation, UI/UX Designers, Mobile Developers and Project Manager's


Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Service Support and Success, Operations

Finance & Accounting

Risk, Fraud, Actuaries, Modelers, Accountants, Finance Managers, Auditors, CPA's, General Counsel, and Underwriters



A few great companies we have & had the pleasure of working with.


Great talent makes great companies.

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"Michael was great to work with. Easy communication and he understood the complex candidate profiles we were targeting."

Ona Allen | Head of NA Recruitment Adyen

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